By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: A total of 130 farmers in the district of Bukedea and Kumi have undergone a one day training on the basics of business skills.

The training was organized by PKwi, farmer to farmer association over the weekend held in Kachede church of Uganda in Kabarwa Sub County and Pentecostal evangelist church of God in Bukedea town council in Bukedea district.

Taiki Okwi Ebukalin, the program director Pkwi farmer to farmer association says the purpose of the training was to equip farmers with business skills which will enhance them to realize the positive impact of agricultural products.

He says many times farmers inject a lot of money in agriculture and later are cheated by the buyers after the harvest due to lack of business skills.

“This training is purely to educate and equip farmers with business skills, such that when they harvest their crops they would be in position to sell and gain money without being cheated,” Okwi said.

Okwi also added that, in the training, farmers are introduced to the new commercial techniques and types of crops that they can cultivate for both commercial and home consumption.

“We also encourage our farmers to cultivate crops such as sunflower which works for both home use and commercial farming,” Okwi added.

Peter Okwakol, the district commercial officer who was one of the facilitators, during the training learnt that the majority of farmers do not understand business skills, especially the aspect of record keeping.

He sighted that most farmers inject money in agricultural production and sell off their products without understanding whether they have made a loss or profit.

“Farmers lack business concepts majorly on record keeping and to evaluate whether they are making profits or losses,” Mr. Okwakol said.

However, Peter Opolot, one of the participants together with his colleagues disclosed that they have been engaged in business without understanding the business concept.

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