By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: According to the Masindi district probation, and child welfare officer Ms Annet Karamagi, there is high rate of sexual and gender violence in the district.

Ms Karamagi told, currently Masindi district has registered 1,264 cases of gender and sex based violence, and some perpetrators have been imprisoned while 264 cases are still before court, during the two year lock down.

Angry Karamagi has asserted that 1,703 girls have been impregnated, two are infected with HIV/AIDS while one produced an HIV positive baby.

She further revealed that 10 teenagers are in marriages that were initiated by their parents, and some perpetrators have been arrested in connection with the same vice.

Karamagi expressed concern that some parents even negotiate with defilers of their children with the help of some local leaders to cease the cases, something which she said is illegal and is promoting the vice in the district.

The probation officer appealed to the community members and development partners to work together in fighting the vice by ensuring the perpetrators are arrested, prosecuted and convicted.

IP Peter Mukasa the Masindi district police community liaison officer admitted that some parents and local leaders in the district are involved in negotiating defilement cases.

Mukasa added that some local leaders even procure defilement cases making it hard for police to pursue the cases since they would cooperate with them.

The police officer however revealed that they will keep on following the cases and ensure that the culprits are arrested and produced before court.

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