By Walter Kumira

GULU: A total of 246,968 children under the age of five years are to be vaccinated against measles rubella in Gulu and Amuru districts.

Gulu and Amuru districts are targeting a total 249,800 children from nine months to five years in the Ongoing nationwide Mass Vaccinations Against Measles Rubella.

Out of two hundred and forty-six thousand nine hundred and sixty-eight children being targeted in the two districts, two hundred and twenty-seven thousand three hundred of them are in Amuru and the remaining nineteen thousand six hundred and sixty-eight are in Gulu district respectively.

The nationwide mass vaccination of children from nine months to five years against measles rubella started on Monday this week in Acholi sub region.

Recently the Ministry of Health confirmed the outbreak of measles in Uganda and in Acholi sub region it was confirmed in Lamwo district and Gulu particularly in Palaro sub county.

Sister Dr. Grace Anena, in charge of children who also doubles as the focal point person for the exercise in Gulu district, says they have received all the requirements from the Ministry of health and the exercise started well on today in all the vaccination points.


She however says the transportation of the materials was a challenge due to inadequate transport means and bad roads.

Sister Anena explained that they are targeting to vaccinate a total of nineteen thousand six hundred and sixty-eight children in all the eleven sub counties in the district from schools and at the various villages.

Similarly, Dr. Goodluck Clovis Oywello, the health educator of Amuru district, said the exercise also began well though in other sub counties like Lakang it will start on Thursday due to inadequate means of transport and poor road network.

Oywello however, revealed that they expect to vaccinate a total of two hundred and twenty-seven thousand three hundred children in the ongoing exercise.

George Ocan, the LCV councilor for Opara sub county in Amuru district who also doubles as the secretary for health, asked residents to take their children for the exercise to protect them from the risk of contracting measles rubella.

Stephen Odong Latek, the RDC of Amuru cautions residents against spreading false information adding that anybody found conveying wrong information and denying their children access to this service shall be dealt with accordingly.

The nine days’ exercise which started on Monday the 17th of month will run until next week on Monday the 31st of this month.

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