By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: The deputy commander of Land Forces Maj. Gen. Sam Okiding on Friday passed out 255 military police officers who have been under the level three interface training for four months.

32 females and 223 males passed out at the event that was held at Masindi Artillery Barracks in Masindi district.

The deputy commander of Land Forces Maj. Gen. Sam Okiding challenged the trainees to be firm and focus on duty noting that they still have a lot ahead of their future.

He also challenged them to maintain discipline in the different areas of deployment and be cautious against the sexual transmitted diseases.

”So I want you to remain a good person. Your performance nobody doubts, you have acquired the skills necessary for the training, according to the authority given to me, I therefore declare this training closed,” he asserted.

Col. Amon Kagina the Commander Military Police Uganda challenged the trainees to utilize the skills acquired, maintain the discipline and integrity since they are going to operate in a contaminated environment.


Kagina further challenged the trainees to love their job, be cautious and maintain their health status, avoid smoking, boozing, drug addiction and maintain the discipline exhibited highly during the training.

The trainees obtained skills in public order management, check points and management, very important personal protection, martial military police duties and others.

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