By Sharon Atuhaire

FORTPORTAL: Over 400 trees were planted on Friday in Fort Portal in commemoration of the World Earth Day. The day is always celebrated on 22nd of April every year.

The world earth day is globally recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, and marked by more than a billion people every year as a day of action to change human behavior and create global, national and local policy changes.

In Fort Portal, the day was officiated by the Fort Portal Central Division Mayor and Kaborole district Youth chairman.

The event was organized by AFRIYEA in partnership with the ministry of water and environment, Tooro Botanical Gardens, change society needs, Join for water, Tooro club and many other environmental based organisations gathered at Toro club- fort Portal to commemorate the day.

The participants, who gathered in Fort Portal for this cause planted 400 trees as part of phase one for this campaign and they promise to plant much more.

The Fort Portal Central Division Mayor, Richard Muhumuza expressed his gratitude seeing the young generation taking lead in environment conservation and the fight against climate change.


He promised that his division will render maximum support for such activities and also called upon the organizers to schedule an appointment to ensure that the earth day of 2023 is given more attention.

The politician further highlighted on how the division is working to remove the people who are carrying out activities that are endangering the sustainability of river mpanga.

Alayo Joanita a representative of the team leader from the ministry of water and environment under the Albertine water and management said that the practice of celebrating earth day should be made to happen every day.

Said Islam Musa from Tooro botanical said they are happy to be part of the young generation that is caring to protect and conserve the environment. “For us we are happy to support such initiatives because they all align with our vision and mission” said Musa.

Isaiah Mwesige, CEO AFRIYEA stretched his voice to different individuals, organisations and government to always make necessary efforts to protect the environment and further called for action.

He also asserted that if there is war, we need to fight collectively, its the war against environment protection.

“I call upon all government world wide to take action because the fight against climate change is a fight for everyone.”

He noted that as the environment adapts to and seeks to mitigate the impacts of climate change, trees should be looked as the lungs of our planet and all efforts carried out to protect it should be greatly recognized as powerful tools in minimizing the effects.

”Trees provide a myriad of benefits including clean air, food, clean water, medicine Value among important attributes humans depend on everyday,” He noted.

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