By Christopher Nyeko

GULU: The remains of over 60 former railway workers who were buried at Gulu railway station in between 1990 to 2009 will be shifted from Gulu logistic hub and reburied at the Gulu city cemetery.

The development came following the outcry from the community of Layibi Godown cell in Bardege Layibi who vowed that if the graveyard is to remain inside the gate of the logistic Hub, it is against the right of the dead and Acholi traditional beliefs.

Denis Acelam the chairperson of Layibi Godown cell said his people are demanding the Uganda railway corporation, Ministry of Works and Transport and Uganda National to Road Authority to exhume the remains of former railway workers who were buried at the logistic hub.

Some of these people were Acholi and Eteso who were occupying the station since they were the former workers of the railway, some were porters, casual workers meanwhile others were the family members.

Acelam disclosed to ugreports that when the East African Trade Mark was awarded the contract to construct the logistic Hub, their driver went and excavated the graveyard where the remains of the former railway workers who were buried thus leading to the loss of the identification.

According to a report from the area chairman, other family members were claiming to exhume the remains of their beloved one who were buried at the station but due to the insurgency in northern Uganda , people were prevented from taking their remains to their ancestral homes.

On Tuesday during the preparations prayer conducted to holly the place, the authorities from the Ministry of Works and Transport suggested that the remains of these people should be buried at the city cemetery.

These remains shall be reburied in mass grave as their family’s members failed to identify their remains due to the inconveniences cause during the construction of logistic Hub.

However, according to the cultural beliefs, after the prayers the traditionalist will again conduct a cleansing ritual by killing goat and sheep before the remains are exhumed and taken to the mass grave where they will be laid for their final rest.


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