This will restore the cultural values of the Lango ethnic group for the benefit of the next generation.

By Patrick Okidi

LIRA: The Paramount Chief of Tekwaro Lango, His Highness Dr. Eng. Moses Odongo Okune has tasked the NRM government to build a powerful museum in the Lango sub-region to restore the cultural values of the Lango ethnic group for the benefit of the next generation.

He also blessed the new leaders of Bako Otara Clan members as they assumed office during the weekend at Apoka village and Aler primary school in Ogur Sub-county, Lira district.

Dr. Eng. Odongo requested that the NRM government set up a museum for the Lango sub-region so that several clan members, including Denis, Opio Bony, Ocen Jimmy, and Otim Charles, among others, could be decorated and given instruments of power to do the cultural work of the Bako Otara Clan of the Tekwaro Lango Kingdom.

Counsel Makmot Kibwanga, who is also the commissioner of oath, took the new cultural leaders of the Bako Otara Clan through an oath of secrecy.

Mr. Alol Peter, the clan head of the Bako Otara clan, appreciated the clan for voting for him for the third time that he has worked so far in the leadership of the clan for close to 10 years in his term of office.

The prime minister of Tekwaro Lango, George Ojwang Opota, urged members of all the clans that are under Tekwaro Lango chiefdom to plant trees and practice cultural dance at all the cultural gatherings.

He welcomed the new cabinet members for the Bako Otara clan and promised to develop their cultural norms.

The Bako Otara colorful leaders installation was witnessed by the ministers of Tekwaro Lango alongside other executives members of the Bako Otara Clan as the oath takers were lectured by commissioner of oath and counsel Adam Makmot Kibwanga, who took them through the laws regarding oaths of office and secrecy.

They were also awarded certificates as they took photos with His Highness the paramount chief of Tekwaro Lango (Won Nyaci). Dr. Eng. Michael Odong Okune graced the cultural occasion that brought together women, youth, men, children, and above all, the culturally popular Okeme and Ikoce dancers.

Won Nyaci Eng. Odongo Okune was given a sheep by the clan members of Bako Otara as an expression of appreciation for his good work uniting the various clans under Tekwaro Lango chiefdom.

However, hundreds of people turned up to witness the colorful installation of new clan executives by the paramount chief of Tekwaro Lango as they cheered for the day.

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