By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: The Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja has instructed the Buliisa District Police Commander {DPC} and the Resident District Commissioner {RDC} not to honor any court order concerning evictions of residents on their land in Buliisa District.

Prime Minister Nabbanja sounded on Tuesday during the launch of Parish Development Model PDM in Buliisa district held at Buliisa District resource center.

Nabbanja`s instructions followed a report presented by the district chairperson Hon. Fred Lukumu requested the prime minister`s intervention into land conflicts in Buliisa.

The Prime minister ordered the DPC and the RDC not to honor any court order of eviction of residents.

‘’Don’t honor any court order evicting residents from their land,’’ she ordered.

She also threatened to dismiss the area land board if they are so corrupt saying issues of land conflicts are so high in Buliisa due to the mess by the district land boards.

‘’I will dismiss the land board members if they are so corrupt, the issue of land conflicts is so high in Buliisa caused by the mess in the district land board,’’ Nabbanja said.

Presenting the issue of land conflicts before the prime minister, the Buliisa district LVC Chairperson Fred Lukumu attributed the increased land conflicts in the district due to the discovery of oil in the region.

‘’We didn’t have land conflict issues in Buliisa, until oil was discovered,’’ he asserted.

Responding to the request, the prime minister said since it is the district land board that is authorized for titling the lands, she urged the Buliisa district LCV boss to revise the mess in the district land board.

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