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The police were accused of extorting the people seeking services from it and delaying work on the cases that were reported there.

By Moses Alinda

ARUA: The Police Department, Arua City, and Arua Regional Referral Hospital have topped the list of entities engaging in corruption in greater Arua.

During a community dialogue that was organized by the office of the IGG at OPM grounds in Arua on Wednesday, a section of residents expressed dissatisfaction with how the entities are offering services in their areas.

The police were accused of extorting the people seeking services from it and delaying work on the cases that were reported there.

The complaints were raised by people who had failed or delayed getting justice since they reported their cases to the police.

They also accused the police of favoring some people, especially the wealthy ones, at the expense of the poor ones.

In the same dialogue, Arua city leaders were accused of nepotism in the recruitment of public servants and also of backdoor recruitment by not advertising some positions in the city.

Doreen Onyiru, the female youth councilor of Arua city, requested the office of the IGG thoroughly investigate the Arua city leaders as some of them have allegedly transferred their offices to their homes and given themselves other titles.

Meanwhile, workers at the Arua regional referral hospital were accused of selling drugs to vulnerable patients and recommending overage staff for scholarships.

In her speech, IGG Betty Kamya appealed for partnership in the fight against corruption by providing credible information that can lead to the prosecution of the people involved in corruption tendencies.

She revealed that IG has changed its tactics for fighting corruption in the country by taking it to the citizens, who are the worst affected by the vice.

The IGG revealed that she had handed over two volunteer nurses to police over allegations of extorting patients and their attendants at Arua Regional Referral Hospital.

Speaking during the same event, Geoffrey Feta, the Member of Parliament for Ayivu’s east division, instead challenged the community members to desist from corruption tendencies if they were to fight the vice in their respective areas.

He said many people bribe the officers so that they can be favorably treated and get what they want.

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