By Moses Alinda

KOBOKO: The police in west Nile region  has spoken out on the Sunday’s attack on the guards at Koboko URA office that resulted into shooting and death of the attacker.

In a statement by SP Angucia Josephine, West Nile Region Police spokesperson, it is alleged that on Sunday, SPC Yosa Poru, RA Aduaze Ahumad and Kisa Albert a UPDF officer were deployed as day shift guards at Koboko URA offices.

Angucia adds one Nyota Vincent 24 years, a peasant and resident of Arese village, Dregiba parish, Midia Sub County, Koboko district went and sat on the Varandah at the extreme end of URA building and started mending shoes.

Angucia reveals that as the guard officers concentrated on the crowd that was matching along Koboko-Yumbe Road during this year’s Independence Day celebrations, Ngota attacked Poru, hit him on the forehead with a claw metallic harmer, and grabbed his Riffle number UG. POL 564809077-10294 with 30 rounds of ammunitions amidst serious struggle.

In the process, a UPDF officer number RA Aduaze Ahumad joined the struggle to save his colleague and recover the said gun but Ngota overpowered them and ran with the gun towards Alimakodra cell, a notorious place for thugs.

The police officer revealed that in a bid to recover the stolen gun, Aduaze Ahumad shot a warning bullet on the ground to force Ngota surrender the gun but he instead turned back and attempt to shoot at the officer, who in self defense shot him dead.


Angucia added that a joint team of police and UPDF officers led by DPC Koboko visited the scene of crime where SPC Yosa Poru was rescued and rushed to Koboko health centre 4 for treatment from where he was later transferred to Arua Regional Referral Hospital for better management.

Statements were recorded from the relevant witnesses and search was conducted on the body of the deceased and the scene from where some documents, a claw hammer and UPF Riffle with 30 rounds of ammunitions which he had grabbed from Poru were all recovered and exhibited.

She added a Riffle number UPDF-56-56032451 with 28 rounds of ammunitions were recovered and stored under UPDF armoury at Koboko Baracks.

She says later the body of the deceased was found with a bullet wound on the forehead, lying on ground about 110 metres away from Koboko  URA offices and  was taken  to Koboko health centre 4 Mortuary for Post-mortem.

Angucia says that preliminary investigations show that the deceased was a UPDF deserter who had escaped from the training and hid in Iganga and had returned to claim his share of family property.

The police spokesperson adds that a General Enquiry File has been opened to conduct inquiries into the incident.

She adds that as investigations continue, the police force is urging officers who are deployed to do guard duties to be security conscious and vigilant of the human beings and objects around their beats in order to prevent such deadly attacks.

This was the second attack on URA offices following March 2022 incident that claimed one civilian life, injured 8 and the offices and property burnt.

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