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KAMPALA: Police have summoned government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo to record a statement following the altercation he had with Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago on a televised talk show held on Thursday night.

Misunderstandings came as the show was all about the victory National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) Herbert Ariko in the Soroti East by-election which saw Mr Opondo and Mr Lukwago trade verbal volleys, with the former standing menacingly over the latter before the show took an impromptu commercial break.

The Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Mr Luke Owoyesigyire Saturday confirmed that detectives at Kiira Road Divisional Police headquarters received a complaint from Mr Lukwago about the sager whereby he alleges that Mr Opondo not only threatened him, but also assaulted him.

Mr Lukwago told the police that while on the talk show set; Mr Opondo “ran berserk and started throwing tantrums.”

The Kampala Lord Mayor further revealed: “Out of the blue, [Mr Opondo] sprung up, charged at me and threatened to evict me from the studios. He pushed his hand into the pocket and around his waist, in a manner that suggested he wanted to draw a pistol at me.”

He added: “I dared him to shoot at me. He instead pounced on my neck and attempted to strangle me. I did not fight back, but instead struggled to wriggle out of his grip. He then punched me in the chest and grabbed both collars of my jacket while huffing and puffing like a cobra.”

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