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By Flavia Ajok

HOIMA: The China Railway 18th Bureau Group Company Limited Sociologist Angel Ntege has blamed the business operators along perse street for poor hygiene.

The concern was raised over the weekend during the community meeting at Hoima Central Market in Hoima City.

Ntege says the poor hygiene along the above street has delayed the construction project of the road. ”The poor hygiene at the construction project has greatly affected us.”

While interacting with different business people along the same street, many of them blamed the restaurant owners for pouring dirty water and remains of foods in the constructed trenches.

In her response, Anent Wabyona, one of the landlords revealed that most of the tenants are not cooperative and don’t take hygiene as priority.

”Some tenants don’t even want to pay money for toilet maintenance thus end up pouring urine and dumping faeces in tranches,” she said.


The China Railway 18th Bureau Group Company Limited Resty Ayesiza requested the residents and business business operators along perse street to maintain maximum hygiene especially of things like plastics, kaveras among others.

Ayesiza said that most roads get cracks due to plastics thus the community complain of shoddy works yet it’s due to bad disposal of these waste products on the roads under construction.

The Resident City Commissioner Hoima East City Division  William Kasigazi warned residents against poor hygiene saying it scares away the workers doing the construction on the above road.

”The country is still fighting Ebola which is not far from Hoima and now with the poor hygiene in the city it may cause a cholera outbreak any time,” he said.

Kasigazi added that if this continues they may be forced to close some places of businesses due to poor hygiene.

”This is an act of sabotaging government programs, we have noticed there are some who are demonstrating over poor roads yet they are the ones delaying the construction and as governing they will not accept that,” he said.

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