By Van Deguras

NTUNGAMO: Poor service delivery and under development of most communities in the country have been blamed on the lack of able representatives in parliament.

According to counsel Richard Barungi, one of the senior NRM legal team lawyers, Ntungamo district and Ruhaama county in particular have not benefited a lot from the government being the district where president Museveni and first lady who is also minister of Education and Sports were born.

Counsel Barungi who hails from Rweera village Kitashekwa parish in Kakukuuru – Rwenanuura Town council Ruhaama County noted that the voters of Ruhaama constituency nothing much have got from big wigs from the government which must be done by their leaders.

He therefore appealed to the current leaders to lobby for their voters by presenting developmental proposals to the president Museveni and first lady for the good of common people at grass root level.

Counsel Barungi noted that Ruhaama constituency would have developed much better that what it is today if it had a good representative in parliament saying that some leaders are serving their political agenda.

He stressed that leaders must be exemplary and work for the legacy for sustainable development of their areas of jurisdiction.

Counsel Barungi of Barungi and Baingana Company Advocates also asked local leaders to engage district stakeholders and the community for the development of the district.

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