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KILAK: Kilak South MP Gilbert Oulanya has asked President Yoweri Museveni to audit alleged irregularity in the ongoing cattle compensation for war claimants of Acholi, Lango and Teso by the office of the attorney general, according to VoL.

Oulanya made the appeal lover the weekend during a meeting of leaders of Lango and Acholi with President Yoweri Museveni at Baralegi state lodge in Otuke district.

He said the office of the attorney general should be audited over reports emerging that rich people are being compensated at the expense of the poor and the rightful people who lost their animals in the past insurgences.

This came after the attorney general Jackson Kafuzi said that they had dispatched funds to pay the war claimants in all districts in northern Uganda and each claimant is supposed to be paid between Shs. 1,050,000 to 5 million shillings.

Kafuzi said government has so far spent 31 Billion shillings to compensate 15,149 claimants in Lango, Acholi and West Nile.

Anthony Akol who doubles as the chairperson of Acholi parliamentary group also brought to the attention of the president the long standing Apaa land wrangle that has seen some people hacked with pangas.

Akol said the president was losing support in Acholi over his laxity to intervene into the Apaa land wrangle which has become a source of insecurity in the region.

He said there are some people whose relatives were either injured or lost their lives to cattle rustlers and are in need of support.

Akol, said poverty rate in Acholi currently stands at 60% leaving them vulnerable.

He also asked government to establish irrigation schemes to support farming especially during the dry season.

Retired Bishop Tom Ibrahim Okello reminded the president about his pledge to support the construction of the residence of the Bishop of Lira diocese, procurement of tractors for religious leaders and construction of an airfield in Lira.

President Museveni said the requests were genuine but requires a budget to support their implementation.

Museveni said government in the past procured roads equipment for all districts but they have been complaining of lack of resources to fuel the equipment to work on roads.

Ha asked the leaders to support his proposal stopping government aided schools from asking for school fees from parents since most of them cannot afford to pay fees.

Museveni also said government will compensate for the lives lost through insecurity caused by cattle rustling.

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