By Ismail Bategeka

MASINDI: Price fluctuation has been cited as the biggest challenge affecting agricultural government projects in Masindi district.

The price fluctuation has affected government agricultural projects such as Agricultural Cluster Development Project {ACDP} and group agricultural projects formed in different sub counties of Masindi.

Job Byaruhaga the Masindi agricultural officer told ugreports that price fluctuation and  poor markets for farm produce has caused financial loss to farmers and failed to graduate in cycles due to lack of capacity.


Byaruhanga says, the poor marketing strategies barked with price fluctuation has affected Agricultural cluster development project, farmer associations and individual or private farmers from enjoying best prices for their agricultural products.

The district agricultural officer  wants the government to establish main policy instruments to help farmers to cope with price and income volatility, rural credit, minimum price guarantees and agricultural insurance subsidies.

According to Byaruhanga, ACDP’s target to raise on-farm productivity, production, and marketable volumes of selected agricultural commodities like maize, beans, rice, cassava and coffee has not been fully achieved due to the fluctuation of agriculture products in the district.

Martin Mwebesa the extension agriculture coordinator in the Ministry of Agriculture agrees that price fluctuation has reduced the services of the ACDP projects in the bunyoro region.


”The escalation of prices on agricultural products inputs and drop in prices after yielding motivates the farmers in government projects,” Mwebesa said.

Cosmas Byarhuanga the Masindi district chairperson said people are loosing hope in Agricultural cluster development project due to the fluctuation of prices and gap in information sharing.

”There should be stability of grain prices which will relate to the stability and development of the grain market for farmers to avoid fluctuation,” he noted.

Juma Musabe, a farmer in Masindi said that the government needs to protect farmers on price fluctuation to avoid abandonment of growing of some agricultural products by farmers.

”If the government protects maize farmers, it will motivate them, but if there is price fluctuation is not minimized, they will be demoralized,” he asserted.

Sulaiman Byabazaire a maize farmer wants the government to fund farmers in conducting research before growing a particular agricultural product to find out the trend in prices and what quantity of output they produce.

”The government should also set a minimum price for selected agricultural products so that these products can be bought from farmers in times of surplus and hit the market in times of scarcity,” he noted.


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