These will help to reduce the high pressure that is being imposed on the forests and wetlands for fire woods used for cooking.

By Guest Writer

Editor, recently the media report about Africa Development Bank(AFDB) and partners launching a joint campaign for green infrastructure as part of efforts to ensure that new projects across the continent adhere  to climate mitigation.

The initiative by Africa Development Bank (AFDB) is highly welcomed because it has come on the time when Africa continent is seriously grappling with a lot of negative impacts of the climate change such as flooding, prolonged drought,  outbreak of  army worm, locus, change of seasons and others.

According to Dr. Akinwumi  Adesina, President AFDB  told delegates that Africa ‘s growth  and development  depends  on its ability  to massively attract investments into  infrastructure  across energy , transport, ICT, health care  and water and sanitation as well. These are not enough sectors to mitigate the big elephant of climate change in Africa continent.

The Africa Development Banks should also invest  much in the key green economic activities such as  Agriculture since is a back born of Africa and  employing  a big population of people across Africa continent,  Tourism sector which also employs a big population of Africans  and contribute much to country’s  GPD,

Afforestation which will attract the tourist employs un employed youth, attract rain fall, absorb green gas emissions from the atmosphere, help in the reduction of floods and many others and Africa energies such as wind energy, hydroelectricity energy, solar, electric cars and motorcycles and others.

These will help to reduce the high pressure that is being imposed on the forests and wetlands for fire woods used for cooking.


When Africa Development Bank needs to include also the green economic activities such as Agriculture, tourism, Africa energy   and afforestation, the Africa negative impacts of the climate change will be no more across the continent.

In my opinion the above mentioned key green economic activities are the best ones for mitigating the climate change that Africa is currently grappling with in the short time.

Therefore, I call on Africa development bank (AFDB) to include tourism sector, agriculture, Africa energy especially clean energy like solar, afforestation on their programme of mobilizing funding towards sustainable infrastructural developments.

This will help to mitigate climate change, reduce on the number of African losing their lives because of floods and shortage of food across the continent and others.

The author is Kato Paul, Research Associate at Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO).


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