It's unclear where the inmates got the chilli from.

By UG Reports

ETHIOPIA: Two high profile inmates have escaped after spraying chilli powder in the eyes of guards escorting them back to prison in south – western Ethiopia town of Alaba, police have said.

They were two of four who made the bid to break free.

“Out of four inmates who escaped, one was killed, another injured and two are still at large,’’ Deputy Commander Taju Negash of Southern Nations regional state police told the BBC.

It’s unclear where the inmates got the chilli from.

The killed inmate was facing another charge of throwing a grenade at police officers while in prison.

Police say its members were not harmed by the chilli powder attack.

Red pepper is used in Ethiopian cuisine and Alaba is famous for its cultivation.

The authorities said the inmates on the run are dangerous and that they are planning to release their mugshots so the public can assist in the search.

In related development, the authorities in Ethiopia’s Oromia region say they are searching for around four 480 prisoners who escaped following a rebel raid.

A local official blamed the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA ) for the attack which happened several days ago and left five police officers dead.

The OLA has not commented.

The deputy mayor of Bule Hora city told the BBC that some of the inmates were members of the OLA.

While international attention has focused on the peace deal in Tigray in northern Ethiopia, the security situation continues to deteriorate in parts of Oromia.



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