By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: The female district Councillor representing people with disabilities {PWD’s} in Bukedea district Irine Akiso, has asked the government to extend the covid19 vaccination services nearer to the disabled people, mostly the crippled ones in the community.

Akiso raised this with concern that the majority of disabled persons, mostly the crippled people, have been denied access to coronavirus vaccine since most of them could not reach the vaccination centres.

”We as leaders who represent the PWD’s have a big challenge on covid19 vaccination exercise, the crippled person cannot reach to the health facility to access the covid19 vaccination, my appeal to the government is that let the health workers extend this service nearer to this people if possible they should reach them in their homes,” said Akiso.

Akiso also added that this would enable the disabled person to get access to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the community.

”This crippled PWD’s also are Ugandans and they need this service, for stance, health, education among others,” Akiso added.

Stephen Ikodet the district health officer Bukedea says extending the covid19 services nearer to the crippled PWD’s would be of a great value but the district covid19 task force lacks finance to reach an individual in his or her home.

He said if the number for crippled PWD’s is minimal, the district task force can create access to reach them in their homes to vaccinate but if the number is big, the district cannot manage to reach all.

”Resource envelope limits most of our work, but if the district has finances, we could reach each and every person in his home, ”said Ikodet.

However, Ikodet urged the caretakers of crippled PWD’s to support them by facilitating their transport into the vaccination centres around their sub counties in the entire district.

”I want to urge all the caretakers of people with disabilities, mostly the crippled ones, please support them to transport them to the vaccination centres,” said Ikodet.

Geoferry Okiswa, the resident district commissioner Bukedea who doubles as chairperson covid19 task force says, the district continues to conduct routine covid19 vaccination exercise.

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