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FORT PORTAL: In a bid to fulfill the vision of Fort Portal City being declared Africa’s Top Tourism Destination hub, the Deputy RCC Fort Portal City North Division Allan Bamuha has today launched a 20,000 indigenous tree planting exercise in Fort Portal City.

The colorful event which took place at Karambi North Division Headquarters was graced by the Chairperson North Division Youth Council,  Miss Tourism Tooro reigning Queens, Division Clerk, Division Speaker, Councillors and many others.

Speaking at the event, Bamuha underscored biodiversity as being cardinal both for ecosystems and human economies, yet it’s increasingly threatened around the world by deforestation.

“A green City is all we need to attract more tourists and continue to shine across the African continent, we need to collectively conserve our mother nature,” Bamuha said.

He reiterated that forests are like giant sponges, catching runoff rather than letting it roll across the surface, but they can’t absorb all of it. Water that gets past their roots trickles down into aquifers, replenishing groundwater supplies.

”Tree roots are key allies in heavy rain, especially for low-lying areas like river plains. They help the ground absorb more of a flash flood, reducing soil loss and property damage by slowing the flow thus shining our City in all aspects,” Bamuha asserted.


These trees were lobbied by the North Division Youth Council Chairperson Hon. Amanyire Patrick Kasoro from  NRDI and NFA.

All schools and churches and mosques will be supplied with the natural trees including the vast communities.

Trees also have another way to beat the heat: absorb CO2 that fuels global warming.

Plants always need some CO2 for photosynthesis, but Earth’s air is now so thick with extra emissions that forests fight global warming just by breathing. CO2 is stored in wood, leaves and soil, often for centuries.

Last month, Umoja Conservation Trust embarked on planting 60 million trees across the country in commemoration of Uganda’s 60 years of Independence.

Over 2,000 trees were planted at Karujubu Primary School in Karujubu Division Masindi Municipality during the launch of the campaign in the Albertine Graben.

Speaking at the launch, Bryan Toshi Bwana, the Organization Founding Member said that they are contributing a brick to their initiative dubbed 60 million trees for Uganda@60 adding this is a way they think Uganda should celebrate their diamond jubilee.

He also said they want to revive the depleted environment. ‘’We want to have the environment of sixty years back. That is why we have embarked on planting 60 million trees across the country,’’ he added.

Last week, the same organization launched a tree planting campaign at Kabalye Police Training School in Masindi.

The initiative of reviving the depleted tree species is ongoing in the Albertine Region as a commemoration of Uganda’s 60 years of independence.

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