By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: The Bukedea Resident District Commissioner Mr. Geoffrey Okiswa has kicked off investigations into forged corona virus certificates forged certificates designed from Nasser road.

According to sources, some individuals have acquired the forged certificates claiming that it’s from the ministry of health and they were issued after getting covid19 vaccination from the health facility.

Geoffrey Okiswa, the Resident District Commissioner who also doubles as chairperson Covid19 task force says most of the people have resulted in forging the vaccination certificates with the fear of being vaccinated against corona virus.

He says as a health team, they have deployed a team of health workers to be on ground to filter out the forgery victims with the help of a medical master’s book.

‘’I want to take this honor to call upon all the people of Bukedea that please desist from forging these covid19 certificates, let’s accept to go for the vaccination’’, said Okiswa.


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