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KANUNGU: The Deputy Resident District Commissioner Kanungu Ahimbisibwe Gad Rugaju has advised pastors and other religious leaders to preach about God but not misleading their followers.

He sounded this on Saturday while giving remarks on a three days crusade in Rutooma village, Nyanga Sub county Kanungu district.

The crusade is organized by Bishop Melkizedech Rugogamu of Uganda Pentecostal Ministries International.

Rugaju urged people to stop believing in Pastors and other religious leaders who always prophesied about other people while praying for them and those who say that they heal because God is the one who heals.

”Religious leaders should always ask permission whenever they are to hold any crusade for their safety,” he said.

He also urged religious leaders to stop talking ill about other religions because every route leads you to where you’re going and every religion believes they are righteous.


Rugaju also cationed pastors to stop the act of raping and defiling young girls because it have become common in Kanungu District.

Bishop Melkizedech Rugogamu of Uganda Pentecostal Ministries International said that they receive all religions and urged all believers to remain in their religions because he doesn’t change any one but prays them to get healed.

Some of the born-agains have crossed the threshold of extremests which can negatively impact on the unsuspecting masses.

The memories of Kibwetere and his cult religion are still fresh. Yes there is freedom of worship but there must be controls to avoid extremests from taking us where we are coming from or negatively impacting our lives and community.

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