By Ismail Bategeka.

BUNYORO: Recklessness on the road among pedestrians and drivers has been cited as the leading cause of accidents in Bunyoro sub region.

ASP Julius Allan Hakiza the Albertine Region police spokesperson told that recklessness has been cited in most accidents registered in the Albertine region.

Hakiza says that most road users and drivers do not pay attention to the road hence over speeding, Ignoring traffic lights and road signs which accelerate road accidents in the region.

‘’Most pedestrians and drivers don’t pay attention to the road signs and traffic light which is the root cause of many accidents in the region,’’ he explains.

According to Hakiza, pedestrians moving into the wrong lane, crossing the road without looking at different road sides have further contributed to road accidents. ‘’This kind of conduct among both drivers and pedestrians are putting people’s lives in danger’’ he asserts.

The police spokesperson says that the owners of vehicles and motorcycles should monitor their riders or drivers to ensure accidents are reduced in the region.

‘’The owners of vehicles and motorcycles should also take the responsibility of monitoring their drivers while our traffic officers remain committed on the roads to regulate movements of drivers and vehicles in bad mechanical conditions,’’Hakiza notes.

At least 39 persons died and 52 were critically injured in road accidents in Bunyoro region as the country welcomed the New Year.

Rogers Kanti a driver told that there is lack of driving behavior analysis among drivers in the region. ‘’Driving behavior analysis is an important part of research on traffic safety, which is a reflection of how the driver steers the vehicle including speed and attitude control,’’ he says.

Careless driving Uganda is a civil traffic violation and is charged when people behind the wheel heedlessly ignore the road rules.

Rogers Musinguzi also a driver along Masindi – Hoima road explains that careless driving on the road is majorly caused by financial stress between drivers and pedestrians.

‘’Loan, school or domestic and relationship stress have also resulted to increasing accidents in the region. These issues need to be sorted before sitting on the steering,’’ he asserts.

He also asks drivers to be aware of the surroundings, follow traffic laws, and drive within the speed limit adding it’s the major role for drivers and if embraced, it can reduce accidents on the road.

According to Sulaiman Byabazaire, most drivers get distracted on mobile phones while driving thus failing to balance their emotions. ‘’Drivers need to undergo a lot of traffic Psychology to help them install a desired behavior while driving,’’ the pedestrian suggests.

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