By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: The relatives of the suspected petro city fuel station assailants in Bukedea district have raised concern seeking for human rights interventions as police detained the suspects nearing one month in police cells without being produced to court.

On 25th, Sept 2022 Sunday night, the unidentified robbers attacked the Petro city fuel station and shot one person dead identified as Dan Esipan the station manager in an attack that left two others nursing bullets wounds who were identified as Ivan Masete, the security guard at the station, Tom, a pump attendant.

Recently, the police preliminary information indicates that the attackers first snatched a gun from the security guard deployed at the petrol station and used it to execute their mission.

The incident happened about 75meters to Bukedea central police station and no single CCTV cameras managed to capture any assailant footage.

Upon this background, the police rolled up an operation and rounded up five suspected suspects which are in police cell up to date 19th, Oct 2022.

In an interview with Ms Margret Chemaimo one of the relatives to the suspected assailants says, whenever she cross checks with the police on the proceedings of the cases no reply has been provided.


“When I go to the police, the police always say come back tomorrow now it’s becoming one month, my son is still in police cells”, said Ms. Chemaimo.

Ms. Chemaimo added that his son always tasks her to visit all the responsible offices to inquire why he was arrested but no single police officer has shown interest to inform her.

“Today I was again in the police, but one officer said let me first call Kampala then I will let you know why your son was arrested, now I’m confused”, added Chemaimo.

She said in her conclusion; the law allows a suspect to spend around 48 hours in a police cell, now my son has spent almost one month, I want to appeal to the human right commission to intervene in this matter.

Ediga Akangkwatsa, the Bukedea district police commander when contacted on phone said he cannot give any comment as of now.
Hajji Imran Muluga, the resident district commissioner Bukedea who is behind the arrest said the suspects would be produced to court immediately after police finalizing with their investigations.

“This is a murder case and the restriction of 48 hours cannot be applicable to this case, these five suspects are still in our police cells waiting for the police to finalize with its investigations”, said Mr.Muluga.

Mr. Muluga also added that they cannot disclose the particulars of the suspects because it would jeopardize the police investigation process.

However, in an attempt to reach the district crime intelligence officer (DCID), he was unable to respond to the phone call. 0772855689.

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