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By Obed Kithende

KASESE: The community members in Kasese District have been challenged to avoid self medication but rather embrace the medical laboratory services from the experts who are professional in the service.

The medical advice was made yesterday evening by Enos Kimerangwa the chairperson for Kasese Medical Laboratory fraternity at their general meeting that was held at Rwenzori international hotel in Kasese town.

According to Kimerangwe, the core aim of establishing this forum was to emphasize professionalism among their sector for better service delivery to their community.

Mr. Kimerangwe also says Medical lab assistants are responsible for collecting and receiving blood, tissue, and other samples from patients.

Now basing on the above background, all laboratory officials who work outside but hail from Kasese District, have established the forum and according to them, it would address the issue of professionalism among them and also address their welfare.

Mr. Marison Bwambale Karoma the publicity secretary for Kasese District medical laboratory fraternity also says the move would also bring together all laboratory technicians to bridge all gaps among themselves.

He also says they established the forum to also make a strong team that would help to make research from the diseases that were common among the people from Kasese, especially cancer.

Ms.Sarah Katusime working with Uganda transfusion service western region says the move of bringing together was to make them improve on the service delivery and also brainstorming since the world was going digital and she quickly asked the community to utilize laboratories.

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