By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: Residents and patients at Masindi district general hospital are decrying increased insecurity around and at the hospital premises.

According to Mr. Byarufu Fred, the area chairperson for Western Ward in Central Division where the hospital lies, in most cases thieves take-off with people’s properties and disappear in the hospital premises.

He attributes this to the insecurity and poor manning of the hospital premises, something he says is putting the lives of patients and surrounding communities at risk of the evil doers.

According to Byarufu, there is a need to speed up the construction of hospitals’ perimeter walls and close major entrances since almost all the major hospital boundaries are open.

Ms Basemera Grace the area chairperson for Kihande II Cell in Central Division says that in most cases patients lose their properties at the hospital premises due to insecurity saying the issue should be urgently addressed.

The Masindi district LCV Chairperson Cosmas Byaruhanga confirms the matter and says that in most cases people access the hospital premises in all corners since the boundaries are not closed.


He attributes this to the poor management of the hospital since it doesn’t deploy enough security guards.

Mr. Baguma Simon the Hospital Administrator explains that the hospital land is about 24acres and they have only five security guards adding two to three work at the same interval something thus insufficient for the hospital.

He however says as they continue to construct the perimeter wall around the hospital premises, there is need to lobby from the government and non-government organizations to speed-up the construction of the perimeter wall to solve the issue of insecurity.

Mr. Kirya Moses the Masindi district speaker however said that it’s expensive to construct the perimeter wall around the hospital premises saying the construction will be done in phases.

He therefore tasked the hospital administrator to ensure the security guards are deployed in all corners of the hospital to curb the issue of insecurity in the hospital premises.

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