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OYAM: A group of 24 people who were arrested in Oyam District over loss of an SMG gun have threatened to drag government to court over torture.

On Monday police of Oyam central police station arrested 25 people in Oyam town council, and detained them at Oyam Central Police Station to aid investigation into the loss of a gun with 30 rounds of ammunition.

The gun was signed for by SPC George Ogwang on 2/3/2022 who gave the gun to CLO James Ojok, and it was stolen.

Police then arrested Ogoro Richard, Omara Denis, Okwer Lawrence, Auma Susan and Ayo Denis among other residents of Oyam town council in connection to the incident, while one suspect Denis Ayo later died.

North Kyoga regional police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema has since blamed the death of Ayo on an altercation that occurred between police and locals during the arrest of the suspect.

They accuse police under the orders of Oyam District Police Commander {DPC} of torturing them before they were taken to Anyeke HCIV, for treatment.


Kamisi Amwaka, the Imam of Iceme, alleged that during his arrest police confiscated his money and he was seriously beaten, asking human rights defenders to come to his aid.

Moto Abiriga, the defense secretary of Teduka cell in Oyam town council, who witnessed the events accused police of torturing the suspects, which resulted in the death of one of them.

Innocent Kubungire, the Oyam District Police Commander has however denied the allegations.

Jillian Akullo the Resident District Commissioner {RDC} Oyam said they are investigating these allegations.


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