By Peter Akugizibwe

HOIMA: Residents of Kigorobya County in Hoima district have been challenged always to ask dentalists about the right chemical to use.

The call was made this morning during the commemoration of Africa Day/Week for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

The commemoration was organized by Nesmac-Kitara, a non-governmental organization operating in Bunyoro sub-region with support from World Alliance for mercury free dentistry.

The meeting was organized to raise awareness on the negative impacts of dental amalgam in the community.

Mrs. Mary Atugonza, the organization’s vice chairperson said there is a need for the communities to get right information on mercury use since most of them do not know the effects of using dental amalgams which is 50% mercury.

She therefore advised residents to be bold enough to ask the doctors what type of replacement is suitable for their health.


”People are ignorant of some of these things, so there is a need for us as civil society and other state actors to address this problem,” she said.

Atugonza further explained that the communities need to understand that there are better alternative methods such as glass ionomer and composite adding that poor management of dental amalgam wastes also pose a big threat to the environment and human health.

Kabagenyi Monica 57, a mother of three children and a resident of the same area commended the organization for the initiative.

”This meeting has been fruitful since we have learnt alot, and I hope to share the same information with others,” she said.

After the Abuja meeting and declaration in 2014, some NGOs in Africa have been campaigning to phase out dental amalgam in the African continent by making Africa Day/Week for Mercury-Free Dentistry.

This year’s week began on 16th October 2022 to commemorate the campaign in different ways of creating awareness to vulnerable groups such as children under the age of 15 years and women of child bearing age.

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