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By Ahmed Matovu

KAMPALA: The Uganda Police have reinstated roadblocks ahead of the Christmas festival.

Speaking during a presser Monday morning, the Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said that with guidance from President Museveni, the Inspector General of Police Martin Ochola has instructed the director of operations to reinstate all police roadblocks and checkpoints.

Enanga disclosed that the removal of roadblocks had allowed recklessness by some drivers on the highways causing serious and fatal accidents, especially in dark spots where the Fika Salama checkpoints had been removed.

“In view of this and the security for Christmas, and the beginning of the year 2023 celebrations, we have reinstated roadblocks and checkpoints with immediate effect in dark spots and other areas that are guided by intelligence and traffic-related incidents.

The police mouthpiece said that all territorial units are tasked to ensure all major roads and highways are safe and use the checkpoints to arrest traffic violators.

The checkpoints will be supported by roving patrols in different areas and even supported by very robust standby teams.

“Child traffickers, robbers and other violent criminals especially now that we are entering the festive season, the roadblocks and checkpoints will have an officer in charge of making the operational decisions of command protection sites and intelligence. In addition, they have been tasked to remain vigilant for crime Prevention and counter-terror operations,” he said.

He urges all motorists to follow the instructions of police officers to stop or pullover and to avoid traffic violations like making illegal U-turns.

In October this year, the Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja said President Yoweri Museveni directed the removal of all roadblocks along the highways.

She said that in a phone conversation, Museveni said the roadblocks don’t detect crime but provide fertile grounds for corruption and delay the transportation of goods.

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