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By Innocent Atuganyira

MASINDI: Rotary Club International with Masindi chapter have this afternoon made an assessment at Masindi District General Hospital, this aimed at assessing challenges facing the hospital, and how they can be solved.

In the meeting that involved the hospital administrator, the district chairperson, Buruli Constituency Member of Parliament, and others aimed at getting solutions for the challenges facing Masindi hospital which included fencing of the hospital, un functional ultrasound machine, congested maternity ward and the theatre, among others.

Speaking to Biiso FM after assessing the hospital, Janet Agaba the Nursing Officer at Maternity Ward said that they have a challenge of infrastructure since they don’t have enough space in the ward. She explained that they receive a bigger number of mothers compared to what the maternity ward is supposed to accommodate thus putting mothers, and children at the risk of contracting diseases.

Dr. Simon Baguma the Hospital Administrator explains that due to the increased number of mothers and babies in the maternity ward has caused congestion forcing others to sleep on the floor. He also explains that the maternity ward is supposed to accommodate 14 mothers but sometimes it accommodates over 40 mothers at the same time.

On the same note, Dr. Baguma has asked the rotary club to consider expanding the theatre and maternity ward since mothers, and theatre patients are at risk of contracting diseases. He requests at least they expand it to handle 100 mothers at the same time since the population is increasing at higher speed.

The health expert notes that the hospital is operating at the plan of 100years ago yet the population is increasing day and night.  According to Dr. Baguma, Masindi hospital was planned to handle 50,000 patients 100years ago, but it’s now handling over 350,000 patients which is causing congestion in the maternity ward, and the theatre.

James Nkonka the District 293 grant chairperson and also Rotary member at Bweyogerere  Nambole said they are going to make a report and identify the key issue affecting service delivery at the hospital, after making report, they will draft the project proposal and share it with their friends internationally to seek for their partners. He says this will attract international funding thus cause positive change at Masindi Hospital.

Hon. Ronald Aled Akugizibwe the Member of Parliament for Buruli Constituency expalains that as members of parliament for Masindi district, they approached Dr. Diana Atwine the permanent secretary at the ministry of health who promised that new standard modernized buildings will be constructed at Masindi general hospital.

The politician asserted that they are following up with the ministry of health, ministry of finance ensure new structures are put in place at Maisndi district hospital. He notes that all the above challenges facing the hospital can only be solved if new structures are put in place since the old ones cannot be rehabilitated.

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