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KASESE: Rwenzururu Kingdom is set to eat big out of the Presidential Initiative on Wealth and Job Creation (Emyooga).

Emyooga is a word derived from a local Ugandan dialect (Runyankole) to refer to specialized skills enterprises/groups and was launched by H.E the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in August 2019 as part of Government’s continuous strategies to transform 68% of Ugandan homesteads from subsistence to market-oriented production.

In Kasese district, a number of SACCOs established as parish associations in different categories have sofa benefited from the Emyooga program including the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Emyooga SACCOs.

Late last week, the Microfinance support Centered furnished shillings 300 million to the Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu Emyooga SACCOs.

The shillings 300 million is meant to benefit 10 SACCOs under the Bwa Rwenzururu and each of the 10 SACCOs will receive shillings 30 million to boost their local associations and help the
members come out of absolute poverty.

Now, Hellen Petronilla Masika, the Deputy Executive Director for Uganda Microfinance Support Centre, a government owned institution that manages all government micro credit programmes says that in addition to this, the finance institution will stretch her arm to support other OBR Veteran and leaders in the neighboring districts of Kasese including Bundibugyo, Ntooroko, Kabraole and Bunyangabu respectively.

On Saturday, Masika was in the Kasese district to meet the OBR veterans and leaders from the said districts with an aim to help them also participate in the Myooga activities just like the OBR members of Kasese.

The sharing meeting was held at Collins Pal Gardens in Rukoki ward, Nyamwamba Division in Kasese Municipality where Masika challenged the target groups to go back and do mobilization and in the same spirit form 2 Myoogas per district.

The meeting was also attended by a section of members from the OBR royal family including Prince William Kibanzanga and her elder sister Princess Mary Mbambu Kibanzanga.

According to the MCS Deputy Executive Director, they intend to have 1 SACCO for the veterans under the OBR and 1 SACCO of the local leaders in the target districts. Masika also said that they were going to support all the Kingdoms in the Rwenzori Sub region.

She noted that they have decided to take the Emyooga approach to support the OBR and for Toro Kingdom, government has helped them to have a demonstration farm where by in Bundibugyo, they were still in discussions with the King of Obudingiya Bwa Bwamba discussions on how best the Kingdom should be supported.

In his remarks, Prince William Kibanzanga cited the need for the OBR subjects to support the sitting if they must build a reasonable and sounding Kingdom. The Royal family member revealed to the participants that they were in talks with government to have the release of King Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-ngoma.

During the Meeting, Princess Mary Mbambu Kibanzanga who claimed to have been in the opposition for all years, converted and pledged to rally behind all the government programs. Mbambu also thanked her brother Prince William for inviting her to the meeting.

She was then gifted with a smartphone from Hellen Petronilla Masika, the Deputy Executive Director for the Microfinance Support Centre.

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