By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: The persons living with disabilities {PWD’s} in Bukedea district have raised concerns asking the government of Uganda to scrap off the age limit on the Social Assistance Grant for Empowerment {SAGE}  in order to enhance their standard of living in the community.

The concern was raised on Tuesday during the stake holder’s orientation meeting held at Bukedea district council hall founded by the ministry of gender, labor and social economic development.

Irine Akiiso, the female district councilor representing persons with disabilities said the SAGE program which the government is targeting to help to improve the living standards of elder persons, the needy among others, the age bracket have blocked the majority of the disabled persons.

She said the SAGE program targets beneficiaries ranging the age of 80 years and above which majority of the disabled persons can never reach.

‘’This SAGE age bracket of 80 years and above has sidelined many of the disabled persons, so our plea is that let the government scrap off the age limit and let all disabled persons be entitled to benefit like any other elder persons’’, said Akiiso.

Akiiso, also added that as disabled people, many of them pass through hard situations, some to the extent that no single person or relative helps, so she echoed that let the government take the responsibilities of taking care of the PWD’s right from the date of birth.

Juma Emong Showan, the district speaker Bukedea said much as the government is doing its best on supporting the elder persons through the SAGE project, majority of the PWD’s demand more on livelihood support.

”We want to appreciate the government on supporting the elder persons through this program of SAGE but as district we wish if they can also remove the age bracket in order to enable the PWD’s to benefit from the program,” said Emong.

Mr. Ann Ogwee Patrick Okello, the SAGE coordinator office for Teso sub region said the sage program started as a pilot study in few districts whereby it started ranging the age from 65 and above for some to qualify as a beneficiary.

Okello also added that since the majority of PWD’s have raised concern asking the government to scrap off the age limit, their concern would be submitted to the ministry for further consideration.

Dorah Anyango, the project coordinator ministry of gender, labour and social economic said many of the district have raised concern about the age bracket on sage beneficiaries.

She said as project coordinator, the concerns would be submitted to the ministry.

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