The move follows church bomb attack on Sunday that killed at least 10 people on the spot and left many injured.

By Ahmed Matovu

KAMPALA: The Uganda Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga says several measures have been put in place to avert any hostile infiltrations and attacks at Mpondwe border and all other crossing points.

Enanga said they have stopped the movement of cargo and passenger boats across Lake Albert, intensified patrols in Bugoma forest and across the borderlines, bolstered security at major installations, markets and parking yards, and intensified intelligence on several targets among others.

The police officer asked the public not be alarmed by these steps saying they are meant for their safety and they should report any suspicious behavior or activity to the nearest police unit or security agency.

‘’These disruptive operations, present a positive step in securing the safety of Ugandans, there is still work to identify ADF cells of agents, collaborators, operatives and sponsors within the country,’’ he said.

The police spokesperson further reminded the public that the threats of terrorism are real, especially on soft targets, which are many and sometimes difficult to defend, especially restaurants, markets, shopping centres, public transportation and others.

On Sunday 15th January 2023, suspected rebels bombed a church in Kasindi Town in North Kivu province in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo fear killing 10 people on the spot.

The church is located one kilometer away from the Ugandan borderline with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Local media houses reported that by yesterday evening, 40 people had died as a result of the bomb blast.

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