By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Following the frictional fight over the seat for Anglican Church in Kumi diocese which has resulted in the separation of Anglican Church into reformed Anglican Church.

An elected bishop, Michael Okwi Esakan, has asked the Anglican believers/Christians in Bukedea district and Teso sub region to stick on their faith.

Esakan pronounced this during is courtesy visit to Kolir archdeaconry.

He said over three attempts the Anglicans particularly in Kumi dioceses have faced serious troubles whereby some church leaders have failed to adhere to their pastoral roles.

“We as the church have experienced a lot of fights, but my prayer is that the disburdening stone has left us, those who have faith please continue to pray, pray for our church God is taking control of us”, said Bishop Esakan.

Bishop Esakan also added that sin cannot be healed through shifting churches, therefore he called upon the Christians who are the right believers to stick on their faith.

Esakan also added that as the dioceses they have summoned a total of seven Priests include; Rev. G. William Opesen of Okum Okamole Parish, Rev. Samuel Osire Ajeluk Parish, Rev. Emmanuel Ecae Oluniga parish, Rev. Solomon Odeke Kanyum Parish, Rev. Jane Akurut Chaplain Bishop Maraka College, Rev. James Opedun Ariet Parish and Rev. Ignatius Omugen Mukura Parish.

“Following the information that the Diocesan Administration received on 24th April 2022, in which you dully attended and clearly expressed your dissatisfaction from Church of Uganda Diocese of Kumi, having professed joining The Reformed Anglican Church of the Upper Nile and having refused to express your departure in writing as per canon 3:26 of the provincial canons. We hereby advise you to handover the Church of Uganda Diocese of Kumi instruments of work and authority, and house in your possession to your respected parish priest as soon as possible (seven days) upon receipt of this letter,” the letter reads.

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