By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Authorities in the Education department in Bukedea district have disclosed that a total of twenty five girls for both primary and secondary school are studying while pregnant in the district.

Bukedea has got a total of 177 schools both primary and secondary schools, private and government aided schools.

Stephen Okurut, the district education officer Bukedea says out of 177 schools, seven schools have enrolled learners who are pregnant.

Okurut said despite the reopening of schools, schools like Bukedea primary school have got eleven girls pregnant, Kajamaka primary school two, Suula primary school two, Agangam primary school two, okunuro primary school two, Bukedea demonstration school two, Kolir secondary school three and Bukedea senior secondary school one.

”Most of these pregnant cases are dominated by primary schools as compared to secondary schools,” He said.

The education specialist also added that the majority of the learners’ pregnant cases have not been reported. He said some of the learners have abandoned schooling with fear that their colleagues who will laugh at them.

”I want to urge parents that pregnancy cannot mark the end of education of the girl child, let them allow them access to Education even after giving birth,” Okurut added.

Mary Akol the district vice chairperson Bukedea says as council, they have engaged senior women teachers jointly with the parents to sensitize and educate both girls and boys on the dangers of early pregnancies.

She said this is aimed at reducing the number of early teenage pregnancies rate in the district.

”We are very aware that most of these girls got pregnant when they had not expected and our focus is that this number steps down,” said Akol.


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