By Moses Muruli

MASINDI: Residents of Kisengya Cell, Nyangahya division, Masindi Municipality in Masindi district were this morning {Thursday} left in shock after finding a man in mid 30s handing on the tree.

The deceased has been only identified by his nickname Channel O and was found on his knees hanging on a rope tied on a mango tree in a garden belonging to a Potius Mbabazi in the same village.

The residents then notified the area authorities.

Steven Kateeba, the cell LC1 chairperson says after being notified he reported the matter to the nearby Nyangahya police post and the officers led by the officer in charge CPL Olupot visited the scene. Kateeba said the deceased was a resident of Masindi town and a cane loader with Kinyara Sugar Company.

CPL Olupot said he had communicated to his bosses at Masindi police station and was waiting for experts who will be able to tell whether the deceased committed suicide or he was murdered and his body hanged on the tree.

The police officer condemned the act of committing suicide and he advised the people to seek counselling and advice in case they meet challenges in life.

The body was still at the scene at the time of filing this story as the residents waited for the police from Masindi central station. Police records indicate that cases of suicide have increased in the country following the institution of a lock down following the outbreak of COVID.

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