By Joseph Tindyebwa

 KAGADI: Kagadi District Health officials have been forced to carry out Polio vaccination in a staggering way over a shortage of vaccine carriers.

The vaccination campaign targeting children aged below five years kicked off on Friday in Kagadi.

However, the campaign has been hampered by inadequate carriers forcing health officials to conduct the campaign in two phases up to tomorrow {Wednesday}.

Vaccine carriers are insulated containers where vaccines are kept cold during transportation.

According to Byenume Steven the National Supervisor from the Ministry of Health, Kagadi district started with Buyaga west constituency on Friday and by Sunday 16th January, 2022, 64% of the targeted children had been covered.

Byenume added that from Monday to Wednesday, the team will handle Buyaga East constituency so that the whole district can be covered.

“So far the exercise is not bad, we received all the vaccine on time and followed all the required procedures for the exercise to takeoff but due to lack of carriers we had to work on one area and then switch to another area” Byenume reports during a review meeting with Kagadi district officials on Monday afternoon.

He applauded the district officials for being supportive in this exercise.

Meanwhile Ndibwami B Yosia the Kagadi district Chairperson has applauded the Village Health Team members and LC.1 chairpersons for actively participating in this exercise.

On 21st July 2021, Uganda confirmed polio viruses from two samples collected on the 1st June 2021 from the sewage plants in Bugolobi and Lubigi which are two of the Sentinel environment surveillance site in Kampala and as a result government through the Ministry of Health decided to roll out mass Vaccination for Children below five years.

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