The government should subsidize solar product technologies for marginalized groups of people.

By Guest Writer

OPINION: Solar energy is an eco-friendly source of renewable energy that helps combat the effects of climate change.

If fully embraced by the government, it’s affordable and sustainable and can lead to sustainable development.

Most of the energy needs in Uganda are met by hydroelectric power, which is a bit costly due to its high tariffs, and this calls for the government to invest more in solar energy and also sensitize the communities on the benefits of solar energy.

Currently, solar energy is being treated as an alternative by a few Ugandans who don’t have access to any form of electricity. It’s high time people treated solar energy as the main source of energy as well.

The main challenge is that solar energy technologies such as batteries, panels, inverters, and other accessories are a bit expensive despite having tax exemptions from import duties and VAT; therefore, the government needs to intervene more for the less privileged to have access to more affordable products.

There are many counterfeit solar products on the market, so with government intervention, there is hope for better laws that help regulate the production of these products.

The best solution to all these challenges is to have a solar energy policy in place. With the solar energy policy, there is hope for regulations that will help protect consumers’ rights.

The government should subsidize solar product technologies for marginalized groups of people.

The solar energy sector employs a lot of people, and its jobs are women-friendly. Therefore, if well developed, it will improve the social and economic status of the rural people.

Security will be improved since there is lighting at night in those rural areas, people will be able to watch television and know what is happening around the globe, and people’s businesses will thrive.

Passing a solar energy policy will help streamline the solar energy sector and also put it in a safer and more trusted position.

The author is Joan Atuha, Executive Chairperson, Guild Presidential Forum on Governance (GPFOG).

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