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BUNYORO:  The former Masindi district chairperson Steven Birija says Uganda has lost a great personality, especially at a time we need such people most.

”Personally, I have an indeligible soft spot for the late, the reason, I do not want to mourn him, , because he will live on in my memory till my own death comes,” he notes.

Birija says that he will always celebrate the life of the fallen speaker and legacy, having at one time risked a lot by standing by my on my side against all the odds. If I live one extra day after him it is, because in him God defended me.

The fomer district boss says that he would rather celebrate the truth that while death is certain noting that out of millions and millions of people in the world, there are only few who become great.

”Such people maybe politicians, religious or cultural leaders, social workers, scientists, business people, school teachers, doctors, and others, who improve the lives of the people by their teaching, work or generosity,” he says.

He adds that time, space, and words will fail him to eulogise the personality of Honourable, Jacob Lokori Oulanya.


”A rare father, husband, and a statesman of his kind, in summary, he was a man of honour, one who embodied truth without apologies, and one who recognised that he was fallible like all other human beings, but never lost the path to practical wisdom,” said Birija.

”So, fellow countrymen and women, the people of Acholi, and above all the family of the deceased, kindly accept my deepest sympathy,” he notes.

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