By George Emuron

SOROTI: The Soroti Senior Secondary School Head Teacher  Mr. Martine Okiria Obore has come on board to present his take to step down from the race of replacing the fallen district chairperson Bukedea Moses Olemukan in the by-election.

Mr Olemukan died of colon cancer in December. Even before the Electoral Commission releases the roadmap for the by-election, those interested in the seat are already holding consultation meetings with voters.

The head teacher of Soroti Secondary School, Mr Martin Obore Okiria, was one of those who have declared interest to vie for the seat on the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party ticket.

In a press statement released yesterday 22nd, Jan 2023 afternoon, Mr. Okiria said that he is still an active civil servant and is due to retire in April 2023.

“I would love to apologise to the people of Bukedea for disappointing your rights and your support rendered, that iam sorry for stepping down”, said Mr.Okiria.

Mr. Okiria also added that he would not wish to go against the law and that he is not joining the race.

“The people of Bukedea trusted me to replace the district chairperson, but the law details that a person is active until he retires even if he is still a civil servant, so I don’t want to break the law”, added Mr. Okiria.


Dear people of Bukedea, technocrats, brothers and sisters, my supporters and promoters, I would like to heartily thank you for the profound expression of love and trust you have demonstrated to me through your unwavering support for my candidacy to provide leadership to Bukedea in the position of Chairperson LCV.

However, as you are aware of the restriction of public servants not to engage in politics when they are still active, I wish to inform you that I still have some months of honourable service before I formally retire.

This season may not therefore be mine, I pledge to continue to serve Bukedea in other ways that can enhance development and unity.

I deeply apologise for all inconveniences and disappointments the circumstances have caused. Please let’s search without emotions for the right person to provide leadership that will uphold human values, a person who will be affiliated in building a safer community and unity, trust and economically empowered district.

Once more I take this opportunity to thank you for your support and friendship. It was a great honour to know that there are people who support my dream.

However in the race about ten people so far have shown interest, Simon Ongura, Emong Johnson Otinga, Michael Ongole, Sam Opeto, George William Atum and Loyce Akiror, a daughter to late Olemukan among others.

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