By Moses Alinda

ARUA: The South Sudan refugees under their umbrella South Sudanese Refugee Association {SSURA} on Friday held a meeting with the urban settled refugees in Arua City.

The dialogue that took place at SSURA offices in Anyafiyo involved the community leaders of the 64 tribes who are urban settled refugees and religious leaders.

Mr. Okoth Phillip the Programs Manager SSURA said the meeting highlighted a number of issues urban settled refugees are facing.

Among them was the challenge in getting police services where they are asked money for bail in case they have their beloved ones arrested, challenges of accessing better health services and crimes which are committed by the refugee youth in the community.

Ms. Nyoka Mary the SSURA Project Officer says the dialogue was intended to reach out to the refugee community who have self-settled within the Arua City.

She further says this will help to know the number of refugees who are self-settled in the urban area and see how to address the challenges they are facing in the community so that in case of any support they can help them.


Meanwhile Batale Gabriel Omodi the SSURA Programs Coordinator said they are working hand in hand with the government of Arua City to address the issues raised by refugees.

He says they will first address the issue of data to ascertain the number of refugees living within the city and this will give the exact figure of the people in the city.

South Sudanese refugee association (SSURA) is a non-governmental organisation which is non-political, non-partisan, non-tribal and non-profit making organisation.

Its main mission is to empower refugee capacities through awareness creation, dialogues, training and advocacy on peaceful coexistence, human rights, environmental protection, sustainable livelihoods, gender and social welfare to promote smooth transition and settlement of refugees in urban areas.

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