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Editor, Last week the media reported about the human –Animal conflicts in Nwoya district in the areas neighboring Murchison Falls. This was because of the failure by Uganda Wild Life (UWA) to extend the electric wires and trenches that would prevent the animals from entering people’s gardens and families and limited supervision caused by 80km road connecting to Lii trading centre being cut off by the floods.

In addition to that, the oil activities like the road construction another oil related developments tasking place in Murchison fall national are also likely to have increase the migration of the animals from National park because of the noise caused by the tracks carrying the materials to use in the oil extraction and people doing the oil activities. The grazing grounds for these and might have reduced.

It is noted that a herd of about 45 elephants from the Murchison Fall national Park escaped and started destroying crops in the areas of Lii, Lutuk and Langele parish in Lii sub-county among others.

More than 500 acres of crops mainly maize, soybeans, bananas and potatoes and others. The Human-Animal conflicts in Nwoya district is likely to cause increased shortage enough food among the affected areas, loss of lives among the people , reduction of the animal population due to the killings by the affected communities. When this happen again, it will hinder the people’s livelihoods, environment, tourism sector and the economy at large.

The human- animal needs to be reduced in the Nyowe in order to enable the development of tourism sector in Uganda, good working relation between the Uganda Wild Life Authority (UWA) and the people neighboring the Murchison National park, help the communities to grow their food crops which are already being affected by climate change.

Uganda Wild life (UWA) working in partnership with the government needs also to work on 80Km road which was affected by the floods. The road from the Murchison fall to Lii trading center. This will enable quick response from UWA in case of any human-animal conflicts.


In addition to that UWA need also to extend the trenches and the electric wire to the affected areas of Lii, Lutuk and Langele parishes in Lii Sub County and Nwoya.

I call on the government and Uganda wild life Authority (UWA) to stop oil activities and other related oil developments in park, grade the 80 km road connecting to Lii centre to ease supervision and extending the electric wires and trenches to affected areas.

The writer is Kato Paul {katop.adyeeri@gmail.com}  the Research associate at Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO)  

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