By Christopher Nyeko

AMURU: Farmers in Pabo Sub County in Amuru district are counting loses after a strange disease outbreak claimed at least a total of 500 goats in three months.

According to the statistics revealed by John Alfred Labalpiny LC3 Pabo sub county,  at least  500 cases of goat’s death were reported to his office by parish representatives to the sub county council since the end of September.

This strange goat’s disease is believed to have started from Andara village in Labala parish and spread to other five parishes in Paboo sub county. It’s also reported that the disease might have spread to the neighboring Amuru sub county.

The statistics obtained by UGReports reveal that a total of 271 goats reportedly died in Labala parish, followed by 86 in Palwong, 57 Parubanga, 45 Gaya and 40 in Kal parish respectively.

John Alfred Lapalpiny, who said he lost a total of 17 goats to this strange animal disease, explained that “when my goat contracted this disease it took only three days and all died mysteriously”.

He observed that there were round white things in the faeces of the goat which resembled millet but after monitoring closely it was a small germ which were present in the stools, the goat kept deaerating and died while having lost weight.


John Orach, a resident of Andara village said was surprised after one of five goats from his Krall started losing weight, dehydrating, lost appetites and died.

Orach further told UGReports in an interview that this strange animal disease presents with signs such as diarrhea, general body weakness, loss of appetites and weight.

He added the goat’s carcass looked white with some bubbles in it and had no delicacy when cooked.

“In my home it started with only one goat which died after two days of suffering but later all the goats which were in that same kraal contracted the disease and are still battling with the condition as I’m trying to manage the condition”.

Orach asserted that he bought drugs from the agro vet shop in Pabo town council but it has never helped his goat’s condition.

This prompted him to apply herbal medicine through water and let them drink.

“I tried treating them using the veterinary drug I bought from Pabo but I observed the animals are resistant to these drugs”.

Farmers have abandoned consuming the goats carcass citing the soups are nerve delicious hence prompting them to throw it to the vaulters and marauding dogs.

The farmers said they have reported these cases of the strange diseases outbreak to the Paboo sub county authorities but no clear action has been taken up.

They however appealed to the district authority to intervene in this situation they described as a catastrophic situation.

Majority of farmers in Amuru practice the traditional method of rearing animals using a free range system during dry season when the crops are harvested, however in the wet season small animals such as goat sheep and pigs are tie-up with ropes and taken to the grazing land in the morning and brought back home in the evening.

Samuel Ochora the Amuru district vetenary officer said that his office has not received a formal case from Pabo Sub County.

He pledged to follow up on the matter and said the necessary step will be taken by the district veterinary department.

Similarly to Amuru district vet ternary officer, Michael Lakony the Amuru LC5 said his office has not been informed about the matter.

He however advised the farmers to report the cases to the relevant authorities at the sub county such as the sub county veterinary officer which district has posted them in all sub counties to help them so that the necessary procedures to handle the situation are taken.


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