By Mathew Abekson

MOROTO: Medics at the Moroto regional referral hospital were Thursday night beaten up by an intruder suspected to have come to steal chicken.

One of the watchmen identified as John Bosco Modo suffered a heavy blow that left his eyebrow swollen before the intruder disappeared in the cover of darkness.
The 11.00pm incident happened at the staff quarters that are located at the western side of the hospital but the intruder was arrested by able-bodied medics.
Records at Moroto Central Police Station have identified the intruder as Joseph Logiel.
A couple of weeks now, the doctors and nurses have complained of loss of house property including bolting them inside residences at night by yet to be identified people.
Information available indicates the trespasser sneaked into the house of Simon Peter Olinga and carried a laptop bag containing his academic documents, which he later abandoned.
He headed to one of the housing units keeping chicken on the verandah where he managed to cane whoever would come his way as alarms filled the staff quarters.
Seeing, numbers bulge, the intruder took cover behind one of the units as a search ensued, where he was found lying on his chest covering his head with grass pretending to be dead.
The area chairperson for hospital village Mark Meri Apus appealed to security agencies to beef up security in the facility saying thugs are taking advantage to raid staff quarters.
Meanwhile, the suspected intruder has gone missing enroute for treatment at the Moroto regional referral hospital.
Having been handed over to police at around 3.00am on Friday, the officer in charge Moroto CPS Abel Baruhagare Kyoto ordered officers to return him to hospital for treatment but a visit to the referral hospital Friday mid-day showed that the suspect had not reached the facility nor records at the casualty and surgical wards had evidence of his presence.

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