By Alex Byakatonda

KABALE: The Kabale District Chief Administrative officer, Edmond Ntimba, has said that the successful implementation of Parish Development Model-PDM program, will depend on the commitment and hard work by the Parish Development Committee, which is the epicenter for planning, budgeting and service delivery under the program.

According to the guidelines, the Parish Development Committee, whose work is to oversee the implementation of the PDM program, will comprise of seven members, chaired by the Chairperson LC2, and the parish Chief as the committee secretary.

Other members to the committee will include, chairperson of Youth Council, Chairperson of the council of the elderly, women council, the council for PWDs and the chairperson of ruling party at the parish level.

Ntimba, who was today addressing a sensitization meeting for Katuna Town council on how to cascade the PDM program to the grassroots, said that the PDM is an approach that government intends to use to organize and deliver public and private sector intervention for wealth and employment generation at parish level as the lowest economic planning level.

Ntimba, who said that the PDM is an extension of the whole-of-government and community development approach to the parish, called on the public to embrace the PDM program to break the hoodoo of poverty in their families.

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