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LIRA: Police in Ayami police outpost have in custody Jasper Obong 20, on allegations of killing a 7-year-old minor identified as Innocent Opwonya.

The incident happened over the weekend in Ayami sub county in Lira district.

According to the Ayami sub county LC3 Chairperson, Mr. Thomas Obur, the suspect was putting on a sports wear chasing people using a panga thus landed on the minor who was roasting maize in the market on the fateful day.

”The minor was cut several times on the head with the panga before dying instantly from over bleeding and deep cut wound on the head,” he said.

The politician told this publication that few years back the suspect had a mental problem.

”Some years back, the suspect had a mental problem, and was prayed for, but it seems it has resurged ,” Obur said.


When contacted for a comment, the North Kyoga Region Police Spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema couldn’t comment on the matter since he was out of the office.

”I’m still out of office for an official leave,” he said.

An estimated 14 million Ugandans suffer from a form of mental disorder, statistics from the health ministry and the Uganda Counselling Association have revealed.

What this means is that every 35 out of 100 Ugandans you meet in your day-to-day activities may be battling a mental health problem.

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