By Christopher Nyeko

AMURU: The residents of Labal village, Pabo Sub County Amuru  District are grieving the death of their elderly man who was on Monday evening at around 6p.m  attacked by an aggrieved swarm of bees that stung and killed him on spot.

Joseph Onekgiu the vice chairperson of Labala parish has identified the deceased as Nelson Opige aged 72 a resident of the above village.

In an interview with ugreports, Onekgiu explained that the deceased was bathing behind his grass thatched house which is just a stone throw to the swamp hosting hundred of bee hives belonging to Ribe aye Teko one of the apiary group in Amuru district.

Onekgiu revealed that the beehive were reportedly stormed and disorganised by the two young boys who were on their way back home from bathing in one of the swamp adjacent to the Opige’s home hence triggered the swarm of bees who took off from the hive wildly and flocking on Opige and started stinging him up to death.

”These young boys took off for their lives after the swarm of bees turned aggrieved hence driving  the swarm of bees to elderly Nelson Opige  who was unable to run fast  for his dear life,” he asserted.

Michel Omony the nephew to the deceased told our reporter that the bees are still aggrieved and are continuing attacking the people.

Charles Okumu one of the  entomologist in Gulu city has recently been  advising  the apiary farmers in Acholi sub region to be friendly to social insect and avoid  disorganising them especially during dry season when their honeys are ready citing that they are defensive.

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