By George Emuron

KUMI: The founders of Power mike foundation Uganda limited in Kumi district have disclosed that no title fight is under way in order to prepare kick boxers ahead of 2024 kick boxing Olympics.

The event will take place on 20th August 2022 at Booma grounds in Kumi district.

A renowned kick boxer Dan Okiror commonly known as power mike would grass the event against Jordan Marizizo who is from Buganda land.

In an interview with this afternoon, Okirior clarified that since the lockdown no kick boxing fight has ever been in place.

“I want to assure the public that I’m set to fight against the Buganda man, I love kickboxing and have been waiting for it,” Okirir said.

James Robert Otim, the executive director power mike foundation said they target to promote kick boxing in Teso and Uganda at large.


He said kick boxing being one of the activities the government promotes, youth are closely required.

“kick boxing is one of the interesting games, I want to inform the youth that they should join kick boxing clubs in order to develop our communities”, said Mr. Otim.

Otim also added that the gates will be open at 10am, whereby at 2pm the kick boxing carton raisers open before the big fights commences at 9pm.

“We have a lot of activities on that day but our main aim is to recreate kick boxing in Teso,” he added.

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