By Mwetegya Zacheus Atwooki

There’s no any problem with Okwiri or any other concerned citizen of Bunyoro pointing out the irregularities by the officials of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom including but not limited to the Prime Minister Owek Andrew Byakutaga Ateenyi.

In fact Okwiri has done us a disservice by over stepping his mandate. If only Okwiri wrote to the Prime Minister highlighting the irregularities without going overboard to fire the trio, we would now be roasting the implicated officials.


The biggest mistake that Okwiri did was to accept to be misled into performing the duties of the Appointing Authority who is non other than Kabumba. Ofcourse now this one passes as a bigger “sin” than the irregularities the trio are being accused of.

Definitely no one will pay attention to the accusations being levelled against the Prime Minister and the two others when there’s a very serious issue of attempting to usurp the powers of the King by his own appointee (read Okwiri).

That’s how my good friend Okwiri messed up the would be good case against the accused BKK officials.

Now it’s unfortunate that we can’t discuss the merits and demerits of the issues raised by Okwiri in his letter simply because he also has a case to answer of overstepping his mandate as the Okwiri.


Okwiri by irregularly and unilaterally firing the BKK officials, he has denied us an opportunity to put to task the implicated officials to respond to the issues raised against them.

I still trust that the trio can account for the monies withdrawn from the accounts as highlighted in the Okwiri’s letter if given an opportunity to do so without forcing them out of office.

Reconciliation between Okwiri and the accused BKK officials is the way to go in my humble opinion.

The author is a concerned citizen of Bunyoro.

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