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OPINION: Because the Mulago Doctors and Nurses as well as surgeons, dentists and even gaenacologists had ignored us and the trolley was full of Blood as well as our clothes and even hair, I told Kigozi,,, “Do you know that this stranger is going to Die infront of us and we shall now be told to answer other very complicated Questions!?”..

Inside Mulago reception, the size of a Church and Big for Nothing,,the medical personnel kept ignoring us as the breath of the victim ebbed.

Kigozi begun the Protest and Very Loudly,,,,, “This is My Country. I live and work in South Africa. We voluntarily rescued this Dying man after an accident when the Police refused to come after 1 hour,,,,, I drove him in My own Car with Personalized Number Plates and I paid 100 millions shillings Taxes to the Govt to Import it..,,,, I command all of you hers to come and Take him to the Theatre or to give him some Panadol from here where we stand atleast”…..

The Hall became quiet,,, then everyone went back again to whatever they were doing as if they had not heard.

Kigozi said “These Ugandans are very STUPID. Even you. Even me. Such a things cannot be tolerated even in the Poorest South African Village,,,,,,,but I am going to TEACH them whose Country this is today”…

A young medical doctor by bad luck decided to bypass us but Near Kigozi,,,,,,, Kigozi Swung a ROUND KICK, it hit the Useless Unpatriotic Negligent and Lazy Doctor and he fell 5 metres away…….

“NOW that we have the attention of the whole Uganda Medical Council, the MOH and even the IGP…..now we can Discuss!,,”, Kigozi said…

The Security Guard at the gate came running and 7 strong Medical Personnel came Towards us and the Almost Dying Body……

But since Kigozi was very muscular,,, they Decelerated and stopped in a fighting alert mode with Fists corked.

Kigozi said “Ohhhh,,, I see,,,,, so you have the Energy and the TIME to FIGHT but you don’t have the same to Do your Jobs well and treat this man!??”,,,,

At this Point the Whole Hospital had stood still and many personnel gathered sheepishly because of the Commotion.

The Security Guard instead of first attacking Kigozi who had become Violent,, decided to Come for Me instead……

I stood on top of the Trolley of the Dying Man to avoid being touched by useless people …I would rather die with the Bleeding and dying Stranger.

Kigozi grabbed him by the trouser and shirt and threw him 5 metres away…

But Kigozi beat them.. he Beat them. Then Civilians also volunteered. He beat them. Nobody could attack me as I had a Human Shield under my feet.

For every Punch and Kick he threw,,, someone landed on the floor and NEVER returned to Attempt again….. And for every kick he shouted,,, “This is my Hospital you idiots,,,pwahh,,,, I Employ you Lumpen,,,,, bwahhh,,,,,

We educated you with our Security and taxes,,, bwahh,,,,

Me I can beat and you shall remember this beating in Medical your studies and research,,,,,

Then I saw 2 nurses telling me,, “Please sir, calm down and come down please,, we need to Take the Patient to the Theatre Now or he shall get more injuries”,,,,,

I came down very fast and trolley was removed and victim taken away..

By this time, the Whole of Ministry of Health and the UMC had been Defeated….. And the Uganda Police and the UPDF had already arrived inside the Hall……..NO GUNS inside the GOVT Hospital… okeyy!!!😅

They approached,,,, Kigozi asked them,,,, “Are you also willing to Be Beaten like your Civilians and Civil Servants!!??…. First Look at those who are Lost in Soul, how they look, Lying on the floor like cowards!?”….

I also corked this Time. I don’t beat Civilians ONLY….. Hehe.

The O.C of Mulago moved forward and ordered the Afandes to move back and at ease..

He came and asked,,, “My sons,,,, what is the real Problem,,,, what causes a soul to do such a Violence inside a place of dying People!??”..

I told him,,, “Afande,,, these People refused to Treat an accident Victim whom we reached here 2 hours ago,,,,, so we beat them and they allowed to treat him”…….

He said,,, I understand very well my son. But We cannot afford to cause any more commotion inside this place. . Let us go to the station”,,,.

There were no Handcuffs so they tied Kigozi with a Rope slowly slowly because he was very Big and me I walked calmly into the Kabangali as officers followed behind.

The OC entered Kigozi”s machine and drove behind us..

When we reached Wandegeya PS,,,, and Lord is Good,,,,,, we found the Doctor who Kigozi had assaulted first had Reached the Station and already made a statement. He was not a commoner and I had misjudged him as an Idiot. And before anything could be written he told the Officers,,, “I am the one in charge of the Shift,,,and it was my fault. These kind and responsible Citizens rescued a victim that your team failed to retrieve in time and he would have died. These boys gave him first aid and used their own jackets to block the bleeding from the neck. They then drove him to hospital. Am sorry that I failed to Respond in time and I beg that this case is not even recorded. If there is anyone to punish, please let it be myself “.

Afande said, “Thank you for helping us, I shall also help you today,,,, you GO and continue just being Yourselves”……

Then we left, never to hear of it again.

2 years later. The mother of the boy who was about 17 at time of the incident, came and left a beautiful Jacket for me at a shop infront of where the had been knocked. They told me he survived but Lost the right ear which we could have not noticed was somewhere on the tarmac… And that is my best Jacket. It is the other black Jacket of mine which has white dots also known as Oil Dimes Makombo’s “Bullet Proof” Jacket.. …

The author is Jago Minyang Makombo, a concerned citizen.

Disclaimer: We as UG Reports Media LTD we welcome any opinion by any one if it’s of a constructive use to the Development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not of UG Reports Media LTD but for the author of the article.

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