By Makombo Minyang

Bosmic Otim has denounced his membership in the NRM party.  In a two-minute and five seconds recorded audio Otim alleges he has never liked the party but joined it to save his life that was under threat.

“…I’m denouncing NRM, I reject Museveni, I reject the Satan with all its deeds. I was close to it (Satan) because I was helpless and wanted plans to kill me postponed. I acted as if I was a genuine NRM loyalist, dressed in yellow 24/7, went to the market, and jogged while dressed in yellow. Some people thought I was more yellow, nobody can be more yellow than Museveni and his few men, you can never be more holier than the pope…” he said.

My take is that Bosmic should leave us alone as Ugandans, or migrate back to Sudan where we came from if by now after all these years of EATING NRM things if his stomach is not yet full.

Free house, free Prado,  Free Benz, Free Studio, free Jobs everywhere, free Food, free security even SFC standards,  free contracts, all by NRM. Just like Bobi Wine all his life before he became opposition.

Anyway, Bosmic can’t even sing nice music anymore. The only album of Bosmic which had real music was his FIRST. That was as early as 1999. It was a cassette tape and it was one of the best selling albums from a Northern Ugandan musician singing Luo dialect.

After that…he just started shouting inside the microphone…yet he has a very sweet voice naturally..

That’s how the Smokie Allan’s, Dj Languna etc Took over the airwaves of Acholi and Northern Uganda. If Lumix was still alive Bosmic would have resigned from singing Acholi music long time.

When ragga defeated him ,,out of anger, he became very Political….

Bosmic Otim is just like Bobi Wine, exactly.

What annoyed Bobi to Join Politics was NOT his desire to serve this Nation or to deliver anyone to Canaan as amateurs think.

Bobi Wine was simply angry that BEBE COOL had defeated him musically in the battle for airwaves supremacy locally, regionally and internationally.  It is a battle of Egos.

Bobi’s music could not even leave Luwero or Mpigi until he declared his Parliamentary ambitions. So, this Political music Promotion technique works. Music is like merchandise. People tend to consume the one TALKED about most, not the best quality. Salim Uhuru of NRM does not cook better pillao than your Mother, but your mother can’t even sell a saucepan of Pilao in Kampala.

Kyagulanyi had NO international music awards yet Bebe Kept appearing everywhere on the international scene, AFRIMA, BET etc. Even younger boys like Eddy Kenzo had become World rulers musically, but not Firebase’s Bobi and Nubian Li.

The Choice to become a “Musical Politician” was therefore out of the need to Survive in the Entertainment world for Bobi Wine. The same as for Bosmic Otim. Both are is NOT Politicians in anyway and have never really got interested in PUBLIC service or saving anyone.

All Bobi wants and ever desires is to become as famous as BUJU banton of Jamaica even if it means Joining NRM, buying an old Political party or joining Boko Haram..As in his vision is musically very clear but the Strategy is always OPEN.

He will do ANYTHING even if it means inviting Americans to sanction Ugandans and bomb Entebbe Airport, he will do it …….. but to be BIGGER than Bebe Cool musically..

The Problem with Bobi’s musical talent is that it’s NOT to the level of his competitors. He is nothing like Jose Chameleone, Kabuye Semboga, Joanita Kawalya, Rachel Magoola, Jamal Waswa, Freeboy Adams or Winnie Nwagi.  He is simply a QUACK POET singing mostly plagiarised songs written and already sang ages ago (abakazi Balumya, Engule) when assessed using real music standards. Nubian Li whom he relies on the Write 99% of his Music is also very low of lyrical content.

He is nothing like even Fresh Kid…. He is just talking and talking and shouting in Musical beats and somehow making some people dance.

Some of his songs have been really Good and Unique….but over 99% of his music sounds like BADA, …or Kadingo,,,in sound, keys, Melody and Everything music.. Infact the ONLY song of Bobi Wine I love as a person is called “Akagoma ka Lubendela”,,, which was also Plagiarised from a Nursery rhyme that has been sang by Baganda children for generations.

Life is not easy in this Uganda. But if you see a totally talentless person like Bobi Wine Succeeding more than real politicians, Professors, doctors, engineers and even lawyers, then know ye all Africans that the AGE OF NOISY COMMUNICATION POWER has arrived.

It’s means nothing much, but simply that whosoever shall make the LOUDEST NOISE shall be the Ruler of all mankind…and it doesn’t matter what the content of that Noise..

The writer is a former Marketer and Talent manager of Firebase.

Disclaimer: We as UG Reports Media LTD we welcome any opinion by any one if it’s of a constructive use to the Development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not of UG Reports Media LTD but for the author of the article.

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